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Hi I'm Betsy. So my story starts years ago. I had my daughter and I thought I had this parenting thing down. She always had a bow on her head and never a spot on her face. I used to say "How hard is it for people to wash their kids face?" Then I got pregnant...with twins. Have you ever been told to never say never? I'm learning that lesson. After having twins I thought it was a good day if we all bathed. Let's not talk about the condition of my house. I couldn't keep up and I was making myself insane trying. The older the twins got the more I expected them to help out. I bought them bunk beds because they loved sharing a room.Great idea right? Nope....have you ever tried making a bunk? It's nearly impossible. How do I expect my boys to do it if I can't even do it? So there began my journey.
I googled bunk bed bedding. I even searched "easy ways to make a bunk bed" because clearly I can't be the only one with this issue. But I found nothing. So I bought my materials and the biggest zippers I could find and I went over to my moms house. Because we all know mom can fix it (even if you're a mom yourself.) My mom helped me create my first prototype.
My kids all fought over who got to sleep in the bunk bed....and when I overheard my daughter was bribing them to let her sleep in it I knew I was on to something good. They all wanted to sleep in it because their morning chores just got easier, and they were sleeping well because they were warm from not kicking covers off.
From there I talked my friend Angie in to joining me. Our prototype went to patent attorneys then to what felt like a bazillion re-makes of our prototype. We were determined to make this perfect. I wanted something fashionable. My kids needed something functional...so we created the Beddy's Bed.


Betsy and I have been jogging together almost every day for the last 6 years. One morning out on our run she told me about her idea of bedding for bunk beds. She has twin boys and was so frustrated with their beds never being made. She couldn’t blame her boys for not making their beds because it was an almost impossible task for her. I thought it was a great idea but nothing came of it then. She brought it up several times and even tried searching the internet for bedding that would work.
After having no luck she decided to make something herself. With the help of her mom they came up with the first prototype for Beddy’s. It made her so excited and she knew that this idea could be big. She asked me if I would be open to starting a business with her and I agreed, knowing the potential it had. I didn’t really think about the many different uses of the Beddy’s bed until my kids were telling me that they wanted this bedding. We didn’t have bunk beds anymore but I realized that this bedding would be perfect for my oldest daughters’ sleigh bed and for my other kids’ beds that were pushed up against the wall. I grew up with a day bed and would have loved a Beddy’s for that! My husband and I also saw how amazing a Beddyy’s would be in our trailer. We took our kids on a four week long cross country trip and quickly saw how difficult it can be to make beds in trailers because of thetight spaces. We were so excited to see how the Beddy’s bed had yet another use.
I’m so proud of the final design and can truly say that it is something I’m not embarrassed to associate my name with. Every prototype was a learning experience and we knew we had the best possible product when we could honestly say that it was something we would buy.

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  1. I just watched the investor show where you created your partnership. I just have to say I am really proud of you gals. I had a business's idea, created a prototype, patent, etc. However, the manufacturing threw me for such a loop, I gave up. I couldn't generate a decent profit making it in the USA and China completely overwhelmed me. Anyway, I am sending you a note of Congratulations! You stuck with the dream, worked through all of the yuck and now the fun part begins! Yay! Good luck ladies! It is such a smart product! It's going to become the standard kid and bunk bed bedding for sure! Yay!!! Marcie (from Kansas).