Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ultimate Women's Expo and Wilding Wallbeds

We also did the Ultimate Women's Expo while we were in Arizona.  So many people stopped by our booth and it was so much fun meeting everyone.

Setting up was HOT in the Arizona heat...but we managed:)
 Almost ready for the show tomorrow!!

 We were ready for the crowd!  Thousands of people came to the expo.  It was great to see and meet everyone!
 One of the coolest things was meeting Nancy Grace.  I'll be honest I had no idea who she was, but she was super nice...then I did a little research to find out more about her.  I guess people either love or hate her.  She was nice to us, so that's my opinion on her.
 She got her security guys and PR guy and came to visit us at our booth.  It was really cool, I couldn't believe how many people crowded around trying to see her.
 This picture is me telling her about the bedding and she was telling her PR guy.
 Nancy Grace loved our Beddy's and she now has her own for her twins!

 It was pretty fun we even had some people from our high school stop by and say hi!  The security guard wanted to get in the pic too:)
 On our way home we stopped by Wallbeds by Wilding.  They had contacted us last summer, but we didn't have any inventory to send them.  Luckily we had a few left from the show so we could show them how it looked on their wallbeds.  Aren't these the coolest wallbeds? They flip right into the wall so they hardly use any space.
 Bunk beds that take up almost no space!
Queen sized Murphy bed, I loved this one the most.

 Doesn't this Chic White Beddy's look beautiful on this black Murphy bed?!


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