Saturday, May 31, 2014

Two Girls Sharing A Room

This is one of those rooms that every girl wishes they had.  It is adorable.  Seriously who wouldn't want to live here?  We originally went to take pictures of just the room, but these girls were too cute and way too sweet to not get  a picture of them.  The girls seemed to be best friends and were so polite.  What's their secret?  Probably the fact that their mom is just as nice.  :)

For their normal bedding they use down comforters, and we all know how hard it can be to make a normal bed, especially down comforters.  Believe me they looked adorable.  But our mission is to make beds look just as cute as traditional bedding, while keeping them easy for kids (and adults) to make.  Were we able to make it look just as cute...and functional?  We think so!

Check it out!  Zipper bedding has never been so fashionable.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Beddy's Original Video

We created Beddy's to help kids make their bunk beds.  We had no idea what an incredible response we would get.  Making your BED with EASE one zip at a time!


Sunday, May 25, 2014


Many people still want details on how this bedding works.  You've all seen how great this bedding looks.  Now you can appreciate how functional it is too!

Here is an up-close picture of the zipper.  We love that the zipper is not exposed and it's covered by the cute ruffle.
 Notice in this picture the comfort panels pull out offering more coverage than the 36" of a normal twin.  This makes it a great option for bigger kids and adults.  No one is feeling restricted like a sleeping bag, unless they want to stay zipped up.
This picture shows the  interior minky cuddle fabric.  This is a favorite feature.  We got tired of our kids still using their cuddle blankets that just ended on the floor, so we added it to our design.  We've had so many emails from adults wanting this in a king size for their bed because they love the interior too!
 Here is another up close picture of the expanding comfort panel.  We love this feature of our design.
 Simple, yet elegant.  We created zipper bedding that not only works well but looks beautiful too!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Clean and White

When launching our bedding we asked our Facebook followers what color they would like to see.  We got a huge response, but the biggest response was for white.  We decided to get a prototype made and go with it.  The great thing about white is, IT BLEACHES!  So if you get it messy.  Wash it.  It's that easy.  And guess what else?!?  It washes up great.

That being said we wanted to show how well our bedding looks with a bed skirt.  We've been loving the lighter colors that give it a little bit of a coastal look and can be switched up to have a "shabby chic" feel too.  We love clean white bedding.  The ruching gives it so much texture and loft.  (And for those of you who hate to will LOVE came right out of a bag and onto a bed without any primping.) Are you ready to order yet?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Boys, Boys, Boys!

We took our Modern Gray Beddy's to a few customer's houses.   They are waiting for their bedding to come in August.  We thought we could give them a little preview.  We used our pillows, but we can't wait to see how they accessorize their Beddy's.  Who knew zipper bedding could be so fashionable AND functional?!

The first bedroom we went to had tan walls and a navy blue bed.  We loved the surfer accessories.  What boy wouldn't love this room?
 This second picture is of a teenage boys room.  We were shocked at how clean he kept it...he actually didn't know we were coming to take a picture.
What a cool bed with the whole locker theme!  He loves sports...and especially football.  His mom was really excited to see how the bedding looked on his bed.  Especially because his bed is harder to make with it being in the corner of the room and up against the wall.  The hardest part was re-making the bed with his old bedding.  He will love this, bedding he can just zip it up!
In this last picture we loved the paint!  What a fun way to paint a room.  The navy, orange and blue all looked so great with the Modern Gray Beddy's.  As we were taking the old bedding off we realized how many layers he had on his bed.  His mom said he doesn't like sleeping with his comforter and he kicks it off.  He likes sleeping with the cuddle blanket.  We were excited to hear that, because he is going to love his Beddy's with the minky/cuddle fabric along the whole interior.

As you can see Beddy's can go so many different directions depending on how you want to  accessorize it. This bedding can be in a little boys room or a teenagers room, we've even had people going to college order it.  Who wouldn't want to make their life easier? ONE....TWO....ZIP and you're through!  This is the most functional/fashionable zipper bedding you will find.   We love gray bedding.  It's so neutral.  It's so perfect.  It's so MODERN GRAY.
 Pre-order your Beddy's today! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

This is why you need a Beddy's

Nautical Navy

Watch how quickly our Nautical Navy goes from a boy room to a girl room with just a few pillows.

Nautical navy is perfect for kids sharing a room, and also for older teens who want a more sophisticated look.  You don't need to buy new bedding...just update the pillows.  It's that easy.

Trundle Beds

Have you ever tried to make a trundle bed?  Sure, they're low to the ground.  So it should be easy right? Wrong.  Trundle beds are one of the hardest beds to make.

 Beddy's go on like a fitted sheet, but it's your whole bedding in one!  It's a fitted comforter that unzips on both sides.
 Our patent pending comfort panels expand at the sides to give the user full coverage like a normal comforter, so they aren't feeling restricted like a sleeping bag.  Making your trundle bed has never been easier.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Everyone loves free shipping!  Now is your chance to pre-order and get FREE SHIPPING!  Why wait?  Go to Ends May 24th!

Think of the hassle free mornings when you get your Beddy's.  Your kids can FINALLY make their own bed.  Daybeds can be so hard to make....not with Beddy's!  Bunk beds, trundle beds...any bed is easier to make.

This is our Perfectly Miss Matched bedding on white bunk beds.  So fun. So colorful. 
So Perfectly Miss Matched.
 Nautical Navy can go so many directions with its clean lines and classic color.  
 Chic White can be done any way you like it.  We love this look accented with turquoise and yellow!
 Modern Gray is so very...modern.  Who doesn't love a splash of coral?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bunk Bed Bedding!

The whole reason we invented this bedding was because we COULDN'T make a bunk bed.  It's literally impossible.  Beddy's makes it EASY to make a bunk bed!  You're no longer trying to tuck around the rails on the bunk bed! No more hitting your head on the walls or ceiling...or even on the top bunk bed.  IT IS EASY!  The best part is it actually looks nice too!!

The "comfort panels" expand out so it doesn't feel like you're restricted in a sleeping bag.  It gives you the coverage of a normal comforter!  So this is a great option for big kids and adults too!  Who doesn't love the minky cuddle fabric on the inside?!?  This is one of our favorite features.
Making your bunkBED with EASE one zip at a time!
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Sunday, May 11, 2014


We are so lucky to have such supportive moms who check on us daily with our business.  Even though we are "grown ups" it's still nice to hear from them and know they care.  They even came to help us out at the What A Woman Wants Expo a few weeks ago.   When ever we get down or stressed, they are always there to pick us up!  We love our moms!


Chick-Fil-A Giveaway!

We LOVE Chick-Fil-A so we thought we would share the love on Facebook and Instagram by giving away free lunch!

Make sure to follow us!  More fun giveaways to come!

Here is another bedding pic we love.  It's our Modern Gray with coral and turquoise accents.

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