Sunday, October 26, 2014

Beddy's on Sonoran Living

We made a trip to Arizona last week and stopped in for a segment with Sonoran Living while we were there.  We had a great time and loved our host Susan!  She also has twins, so she seemed to relate with us really well.
 Our sweet friends Allison and Christa came to help us get set up and give us the moral support while on the show! :)  We loved having them there with us!

We were the first segment of the show, so they did an intro teaser after Good Morning America sitting on our bedding.
 These pictures were sent to us from the cute producer Ashley right after we did the show.  I was so glad she took pictures!

 Susan loved the interior minky fabric. She couldn't believe how soft it was.

 We also showed her how we could make the bed in 10 seconds or less.  So she timed us while we did it.  Sure enough it was exactly 10 seconds.

Click HERE for the link to our segment.

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