Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jersey Pillows and DIY Box Spring Covers

We went on Good Things Utah this morning to show a few fun ideas to change up your kids' room!

Watch this video link for our segment!

The directer guy had to let us know where to stand etc. :)
 During the commercial break we had to take a picture of course!

 Me explaining how easy it is to cut the shirt into a up 3 sides, stuff it and sew up the bottom!
 The traditional bed skirts look like this...but not every bed works with a bed we came up with...(this is Angie showing how to do it.) easy NO SEW way to cover your box springs!  
Take the fabric...we used about 5 1/2 yards. Cut it length ways, and gather it using hot glue to hold the gathers.  Once that is done, you can either hot glue it directly to the box springs or use a nail gun. (The gathering can be done with a sewing machine too...but we wanted to show a new sew version:)
 Notice the cute jersey pillows and the cute way we re-upholstered the box springs.  We used a little bit of the left over fabric to make a pillow to tie it all in.
 After the show we had to stay and chat with the girls!  They are so much fun!

Don't forget to order your Beddy's!!

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