Saturday, May 31, 2014

Two Girls Sharing A Room

This is one of those rooms that every girl wishes they had.  It is adorable.  Seriously who wouldn't want to live here?  We originally went to take pictures of just the room, but these girls were too cute and way too sweet to not get  a picture of them.  The girls seemed to be best friends and were so polite.  What's their secret?  Probably the fact that their mom is just as nice.  :)

For their normal bedding they use down comforters, and we all know how hard it can be to make a normal bed, especially down comforters.  Believe me they looked adorable.  But our mission is to make beds look just as cute as traditional bedding, while keeping them easy for kids (and adults) to make.  Were we able to make it look just as cute...and functional?  We think so!

Check it out!  Zipper bedding has never been so fashionable.

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