Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bunk Bed Bedding!

The whole reason we invented this bedding was because we COULDN'T make a bunk bed.  It's literally impossible.  Beddy's makes it EASY to make a bunk bed!  You're no longer trying to tuck around the rails on the bunk bed! No more hitting your head on the walls or ceiling...or even on the top bunk bed.  IT IS EASY!  The best part is it actually looks nice too!!

The "comfort panels" expand out so it doesn't feel like you're restricted in a sleeping bag.  It gives you the coverage of a normal comforter!  So this is a great option for big kids and adults too!  Who doesn't love the minky cuddle fabric on the inside?!?  This is one of our favorite features.
Making your bunkBED with EASE one zip at a time!
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