Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Boys, Boys, Boys!

We took our Modern Gray Beddy's to a few customer's houses.   They are waiting for their bedding to come in August.  We thought we could give them a little preview.  We used our pillows, but we can't wait to see how they accessorize their Beddy's.  Who knew zipper bedding could be so fashionable AND functional?!

The first bedroom we went to had tan walls and a navy blue bed.  We loved the surfer accessories.  What boy wouldn't love this room?
 This second picture is of a teenage boys room.  We were shocked at how clean he kept it...he actually didn't know we were coming to take a picture.
What a cool bed with the whole locker theme!  He loves sports...and especially football.  His mom was really excited to see how the bedding looked on his bed.  Especially because his bed is harder to make with it being in the corner of the room and up against the wall.  The hardest part was re-making the bed with his old bedding.  He will love this, bedding he can just zip it up!
In this last picture we loved the paint!  What a fun way to paint a room.  The navy, orange and blue all looked so great with the Modern Gray Beddy's.  As we were taking the old bedding off we realized how many layers he had on his bed.  His mom said he doesn't like sleeping with his comforter and he kicks it off.  He likes sleeping with the cuddle blanket.  We were excited to hear that, because he is going to love his Beddy's with the minky/cuddle fabric along the whole interior.

As you can see Beddy's can go so many different directions depending on how you want to  accessorize it. This bedding can be in a little boys room or a teenagers room, we've even had people going to college order it.  Who wouldn't want to make their life easier? ONE....TWO....ZIP and you're through!  This is the most functional/fashionable zipper bedding you will find.   We love gray bedding.  It's so neutral.  It's so perfect.  It's so MODERN GRAY.
 Pre-order your Beddy's today! 

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