Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Serene and White

This is one of our favorite rooms.  We love everything from the color on the walls to the rug on the floor....and everything in between. (Especially the Beddy's :))

This is a queen sized Beddy's in Chic White.  It's been accented with the light blue and silvers/gray.  The flowers on the night stand just soften it up with a super feminine touch.  No one would ever know this is zipper bedding, right?  

The greatest part of this room...making the bed!  You just have to zip up your bed!  How often would you make your bed if it was that easy? No more tucking and twisting just to get the bed made!
 Doesn't it have such a fun shabby chic feel?
 We were a little bit obsessed with the chandelier...and every other detail :)

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