Saturday, June 21, 2014

Modern Gray Beddy's

It doesn't matter what age you are, our Modern Gray Beddy's are perfect for everyone.  Why would you make your bed when you can just zip up your bed?  This zippered bedding makes life so much easier.

This bed is up against a wall which can make it difficult to tuck your bedding every morning.  With a Beddy's you don't need to tuck.  Just zip it up.

 This is a great option for more of a teenager room.  It's a little sleeker and simple.
 This is a fun option for throwing in some color to your bedding.  Gray can mix so well with anything.  Throw in a few sports themes and you're sure to keep your boys happy!  This bedding is such a great option for loft beds and bunk beds.  Making those beds can be so difficult.  But not with a Beddy's!  Making your BED with EASE one zip at a time!

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