Friday, July 25, 2014


Here are the newest pics of our Perfectly Miss Matched.  We've named it this because of all the fun colors.  They go together so perfectly, yet they are mismatched.  No name could fit this bedding any better.

Have you ever seen any other bedding that is this cute AND perfect for bunk beds?
 This picture shows our bedding with the extra pillows from our pillow set.  The set includes the Green polka dot sham with the bow and rosette pillows.  See the picture below of just the extra pillow set.  Perfect addition to the bedding!

 Each Perfectly Miss Matched Beddy's comes with a chevron pillowcase and super cute ruffle sham just like in this next picture.
 Do you know someone with a queen sized bed that struggles with making the bed look nice? Problem solved, get a Beddy's!
 Each queen sized Perfectly Miss Matched Beddy's comes with two ruffle shams and two chevron pillowcases.  Let's not forget the ultra soft minky fabric on the inside.  Who could say no to this?!?
Zipper bedding has never looked so good!  Quit tucking and struggling to make the bed...just zip up your bed!  EASY PEASY!
One last thing....notice the blue zipper pull.  If it ain't ain't a Beddy's.   It's all in the details!
These three pillows are part of the extra pillow set.
They will be sold separately.

This is the first picture we have of our Perfectly Miss Matched bedskirt.
Chevron meets ruffles.  LOVE.

Order yours today!

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